Could This Be Any Harder?

Double Blow Dealt For Actress Rebecca Livingston. How Will She Handle Her Relationship And Career Woes?

Some of these images are slightly NSFW
Autumn, Year 2
Kaiden?” Rebecca called across the road. She’d been dragged out to a meet and greet at one of the local lounges in Del Sol Valley and, given that she wasn’t the centre of attention, she was bored. “I haven’t seen you for a while!”
“Oh, hello Rebecca,” Kaiden replied coolly. “It’s been a while.”
“What have you been up to?”
“This and that. The Philharmonic Society just got a new base. We’re setting up at the Royal Willow Opera House.”
“Oh, I’ve just set up roots there too. I organise the Actors Company,” Rebecca boasted.
“So I’ve heard,” Kaiden replied, politely. “I must be off, Rebecca. It was nice to see you.”
“Great catching up. Call me sometime!” Rebecca watched as Kaiden walked off down the road. She’d never been brushed off that fast, never.
Fed up, she slunk inside the venue. She needed a drink.

“That won’t solve anything, Becca.” Andrea said mildly. She didn’t take her eyes off the television on the wall.
“Trust me, it solves everything. Stop nagging.” Rebecca slurped the last few drops of her drink and immediately ordered another. “What would you know, anyway?”
“Look, Kaiden’s probably still smarting a bit. I mean, you did slap him on that one date you two went on.” Andrea shook her head. “I don’t know, Becca. It’s like you deliberately set out to sabotage your relationships, isn’t it?”
“I do nothing of the sort!” Indignant, Rebecca grabbed her next drink and took a gulp.
Sighing, Andrea stared at the back of her friend’s head. “I never said you did.”

Several hours later, and long after Andrea had left, Rebecca staggered out of the lounge, very much worse for the wear.

The following morning, she woke late and with a thumping head. Still slightly drunk, she dialled David’s number and invited him round for a late breakfast.
“You’re drunk? At 10am?” David looked quite surprised as Rebecca stepped back to let him in.
“Not at all. I was drinking last night and I’ve got a head this morning.” She flung her arms around him. “Shall we take this down the hall?”
David allowed himself to be dragged to Rebecca’s bedroom and sat himself down on the bed. “Hang on, Becks. Are you sure about this? I heard from Andrea last night, she said you were upset?”
“I wasn’t upset! I was fine!” Rebecca exclaimed defensively. “What did she tell you?”
“She just said an old friend of yours from Uni brushed you off last night. Hey, don’t worry. It sucks when people do that.” David went to put his arm around Rebecca but she pushed him away.
“I didn’t fancy him! I don’t care what Andrea-oh.” Rebecca sighed. “Yeah, well. Whatever.”
“Rebecca, what’s going on?” David sounded tired. “What are we doing? Because all I’m hearing at the moment are rumours about your exploits, your dating life and heaven knows what else. You keep telling me it isn’t true but I can’t help but notice we rarely go out any more. You’re always inviting me here, showing off the view, extolling the virtues of your new bed. It’s great and all that but Rebecca, we’ve been together for over a year. In that time, I’ve put up with you shamelessly flirting with other men, I’ve read rumours about you and Jack Goldsmith, then more rumours about you and your ex, Gerald. You keep telling me it’s not true but you won’t show any signs of committing to me. I don’t get to take you out for dinner because, as you keep pointing out, you’ve got more money than I have. All I’ve really got to show for our relationship is a fine for public indecency because you thought it would be fun to get intimate in the street!” David realised he was yelling towards the end of his tirade.
“You weren’t even that good.” Rebecca commented mildly.
“Okay, fine. You know what? I’ve had enough. Whatever we had going on Rebecca, it’s finished. I’m done.” David shook his head sadly. “I really like you, Becks. But I don’t think you’re really mature enough for a long term relationship. Monogamy doesn’t seem to be your strong point.” Turning on his heel, he stalked out of the room. A few minutes later, Rebecca heard the front door close.

Determined not to let David’s harsh words get to her, Rebecca turned her attention to an idea that had been growing in her mind for a while. Her acting career wasn’t going quite as well as she’d hoped. She was getting the best jobs and doing well at them, she knew that. She had a Starlight Accolade to prove it. However, she still wasn’t as famous, or as rich, as she wanted to be and she wondered if taking up modelling on the side might help.
Standing in her bikini in front of the floor length mirror in her admittedly sparse bedroom, she thought she looked the part. All that was next was to find someone willing to hire her.

“Hey, Dale.” Rebecca sauntered up to her co-star. She was on the set for some drippy musical she’d landed the lead role for and her main co-star was one of her fellow Actors Company members.
“Hey, Rebecca, isn’t it? Looking forward to today?” Dale asked.
“Oh absolutely. Musicals are my best.”

Unfortunately, it seemed like she was having another off-day. Her voice didn’t sound right, she couldn’t hit the right notes and her footwork was a mess. Filming definitely hadn’t been a success today.

“I thought you said musicals were your best?” Dale asked as the director ranted in the background.
“I’m having an off day, okay?” Rebecca snapped. Then she had an idea. “Are you doing anything right now?”
“What the hell?” Dale stared in disbelief. “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?

“You were fantastic,” Rebecca purred later. She couldn’t even summon up the energy to feel embarrassed over their quick coupling in the bathroom on the set.”
“Thanks.” Dale gave Rebecca a quick hug. “I’d better go. Nice to see you.”

Rebecca dressed quickly and stepped out into the cool night air. Her phone started ringing loudly and she answered it, still a little dreamy. “Hello?”

The phone call was brief and to the point. Rebecca did the only thing she could think of under the circumstances.
She wept.

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