Young Couple, Javon And Isabella Edge, Experience The Joys Of A Balancing Act With Work And Parenthood.

Some pictures are NSFW.
Autumn, Year 2
“Is it serious?” Javon asked. He’d taken Kayla and Zena to the vets for check ups and boosters and the vet was a little concerned about Kayla.
“Not really. A quick jab and she’ll be as right as rain. Good job you brought her in though, Mr Edge. It’s always best to nip these things in the bud.” The vet administered the jab. “Good girl!”
Relieved, Javon paid the bill and set off for home. The dogs were as good as gold and trotted happily beside him as he set off for Windenburg.

Javon and Isabella had been working out how to balance the chores, child care and work between them. Both worked, although Javon didn’t have to actually go anywhere very often. Isabella, as a journalist, worked all week so Javon was staying home more. It was allowing him the opportunity to bond with their nine month old son and he was revelling in every moment of it.
Aside from the repairs around the house. He didn’t enjoy those so much, although he was slowly getting better at them. The tumble dryer in particular proved challenging and he was looking forward to the spring and summer again, when the weather got better and they could put the washing outside!

Thankfully, Ronan wasn’t any bother. Javon was enjoying the opportunity of bonding with his son while Isabella was working hard. In a few months, the little tyke would be walking and Javon wondered how much work he’d be able to get done with a toddler in the house!

It was usually the afternoon before Javon settled at his easel; often coinciding with Isabella getting home from work.
“I’m home!” she called from the porch. Kayla went bounding out to see her and she crouched down to hug the dog.
“In the office!” Javon called back. Isabella waded through the dogs and saw Javon studying the canvas.
“That’s looking good,” she commented from behind him.
“You think so?”
“Yeah. Your thumb looks so different from this morning. Did you do something different with it?”
Javon rolled his eyes. “Ha ha. Good day?”
“Exhausting.” Isabella sighed. “My boss has no idea. He’s always banging on about deadlines but he forgets I can’t bring the entire office back with me. There are loads of other journalists; why is it always me being given the extra work?”
“Because you’re the best there is,” Javon answered loyally. “Listen, Andrea phoned earlier. She wondered if you fancied joining her, Cristina and Hayley at the pub tonight. Just for a couple of drinks, nothing much. A bit of a catch up, she said.”
“Not a bad idea, actually. I could probably do with it.” She bit her lip. “Are you sure you don’t mind? it seems a bit cheeky to go off out when you’ve been home with Ronan and the dogs all day.”
“Isabella, you’ve been working so hard for months. You’re run ragged by the end of each day. Go on, go out and have some fun. The pub’s only round the corner anyway.”

“You see, it’s good to get you out!” Cristina said cheerfully. “We haven’t seen you properly for months, Isabella!”
“I know, I know. Work’s been mad and it gets a bit busy at home sometimes.” Isabella stifled a yawn and smiled. “Anyway, fill me in! What’s going on with you guys?”
“Well, my parents are staying with us for a while.” Andrea said. She bit her lip. “It was a bit of a surprise but it’s not been too bad. My dad gets on well with Jared, so I think it’ll be okay.”
“I’m working on my first album!” Hayley squealed. “I’m hoping to have it out before Christmas so it can enter the Christmas charts!”
“I’m experimenting with different hobbies,” Cristina ventured cautiously. “Work’s been boring, you know? I need something to fill the time.”
“Knitting?” Andrea suggested and the girls laughed.
“Anyway, Hayley’s got better gossip,” Cristina said suddenly. “Tell her about Jack!”
Hayley blushed. “Oh, that’s not…well, I mean it’s not serious.”
“Jack?” Isabella looked puzzled.
“Jack Goldsmith. You know, the actor? He moved into my apartment after I moved in with Jared,” Andrea said, grinning.
“You’re dating an actor?” Isabella looked impressed. “Do I get to meet him?”
“I haven’t even met him yet,” Cristina said.
“I said it’s not even serious!” Hayley cried, blushing deeper. “I don’t even know where it’s going, yet.”

By the time Isabella left the pub, it was pitch black out and the rain had started to trickle out of the sky. It had been worth it though and Javon had been right, she’d definitely needed a night out with the girls.

Javon was waiting for her in the bedroom when she got back. “Good night?”
Isabella grinned. “It’s getting better,” she said as she threw her clothes on the floor and joined him.

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