A Public Nuisance

Scandalous Local Actress, Rebecca Livingston, Bares All For The Cameras In Exclusive Sighting In San Myshuno!

Some pictures are mildly NSFW.
Autumn, Year 2
“You wanted to see me?” David asked. Rebecca had invited him out to meet her at Creek Street and he still wasn’t sure why.
“Okay. Erm, well. I wanted to ask if you’d, erm, heard any rumours, erm, about me or something?” Rebecca bit her lip. She was fond of David, she really was. He was funny, forgetful but very sweet. The thought that he might have heard about the row at the bowling alley a few months back had been worrying her for a while. Due to her hectic schedule, she’d hardly seen him lately and she really needed to clear the air.
“Such as?” David frowned.
“Oh God. Well, anything really.”
David shook his head. “Rebecca, you’re in the public eye. When somebody’s well known, there are always rumours. I don’t tend to take any notice of what I read. If it’s important, you’d tell me. So what’s to worry about?” He laughed. “You haven’t been worrying about this, have you?”
“No, no of course not.” Relief flooded through Rebecca’s system. While she wasn’t sure she loved David yet, she definitely didn’t want to lose him.

Satisfied that she’d sorted things out with David, Rebecca met up with The Actors Company. In a sneaky move, she’d set up and trademarked the group before either Daniel or Jack had got the chance. It was now her project and she was determined to prove her worth. Generously, she’d invited Jack and Daniel to join, along with another regular colleague of theirs, Dale McGrath. The four were going to meet up regularly at the Royal Willow Opera House for rehearsals for their various projects.

“Rebecca, why don’t we rehearse some sword fights?” Daniel suggested. “You seemed to have some trouble with them last time.”
Gulping, Rebecca nodded. Quietly cursing her sister, she stepped in front of Daniel and prepared for battle. Unfortunately, she fumbled and dropped the sword again. Daniel collapsed with laughter as she yanked the sword out of her foot.

“I’ve never known anyone struggle with swordfights like you do, Rebecca,” Jack said afterwards as they sat in the lobby.
“I know, you really go to pieces, don’t you?” Daniel chuckled. “It might be better not to audition for action roles any time soon.”
Rebecca muttered something under her breath. “I’ve got to go.” She said abruptly as she stood up. As she stalked away from her colleagues, she could hear their stifled laughter.

She descended the steps outside the opera house at speed, desperate to get away from the mocking tones of the other actors. She knew she was being hopeless with the swords but she was beginning to have a nasty suspicion it had nothing to do with a lack of talent on her part.

Once she was far enough away from the opera house, she wept. Her frustrations were driving her crazy; why was she having such a hard time when she acted up against Daniel?
She dried her eyes and sat down on a bench by the river. It was overcast, which matched her mood perfectly. As she listened to the sound of the birds and the water, she began to wonder if Ellie had been right. Had she fallen in love with Daniel without even realising it? It sounded absurd; after all, she hardly knew the guy. He laughed at her when she messed up her scenes; how could she be in love with a guy like that? She almost rang Ellie but changed her mind at the last minute. She rang David instead.

When she returned to her flat, she met David just outside the door. “Come on in,” she said, ushering him through the door. “It’s a bit sparse at the moment but I’ll be ordering new furniture soon enough!”
“Love the view,” David commented.
“Oh, thank you,” Rebecca glanced over her shoulder. “I work out.”
David laughed. “I meant the window. But the view from here is pretty amazing too.”

The following day, Rebecca was hosting a fan Meet And Greet at the Opera House to officially open it to the public. She was in her element, posing for pictures and signing autographs for her fans. She made a point of ignoring Jack who, to her dismay, had also been invited to the opening. His smirks and laughter in the background were the only thing to spoil an otherwise perfect day.

With a new role in an upcoming period drama, Rebecca finally felt like she was getting her life back on track. She felt more optimistic, performing sonnets and monologues for audiences in the streets outside her flat. Gerald walked past once while she was performing to a small group. Unfortunately for her, she happened to mess up her lines just at the exact moment he walked behind her. Smirking slightly, he carried on without stopping, although Rebecca still felt embarrassed.

She started seeing a lot more of David while her schedule allowed. He came to watch some of her street performances when he wasn’t working and one afternoon, they got a little carried away, forgetting they were in a public place.

A number of people, including some of Rebecca’s fans, were watching the couple getting amorous. They pulled apart when they heard the click of cameras and the sound of sirens in the background getting closer. Somebody had called the police! David watched helplessly as the angry policeman headed towards them but Rebecca found the experience exhilarating. The fine the police handed them both later was minimal, in Rebecca’s opinion, and she didn’t mind handing the cash over to placate the police.

Unfortunately, some of the pictures had surfaced on social media and Rebecca’s name (and body) was being talked about when she arrived at the set on the first day of filming.
“Rebecca! Nice to see you dressed this afternoon!” Daniel said as she stepped out in costume.
“Very funny.” Rebecca sighed but smirked when she saw what Daniel was wearing. “Nice outfit.”

She was acting opposite Jack again and found her lines very difficult to get through. When she toasted to freedom to love without abandon, she was convinced Jack sniggered behind his cool demeanor. Would this shame never end?

She hurried through the rest of her scenes for the day, desperate to escape the set and hide in her flat. Unfortunately, she was filming some of the most difficult scenes today, with the female love interest of her character. She put her back out hugging her colleague, then fumbled their passionate kiss. It had to be one of the worst filming days she’d had and the director was getting impatient.

“Why did you start laughing?” Rebecca demanded furiously. Filming had finally finished and Rebecca had decided to have it out with Jack before she hid in her flat. “How unprofessional was that?”
“Nobody heard. Anyway, my character is supposed to react with disdain, or didn’t you read the script? Too busy getting frisky in public, I think!”
This had to be the worst period of Rebecca’s career so far.

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