A Growing Family

Foundry Cove Couple Ethan And Hollie Richmond Receive Some Good News And A Cause For Celebration!

Autumn, Year 2
The last six months had been very difficult for Hollie. Since the wedding, she’d been desperately hoping for some baby news. They’d been trying since the spring and had no luck and Hollie was beginning to feel despondent. She’d been wanting a baby since University and especially after she and Ethan got serious.

Ethan had suggested trying to keep everything as normal as possible. Hollie tried to keep a brave face as she went off to the University. She was popular with her students and work was proving to be a great distraction from her baby woes.

Weeks had passed. Ethan, recognising his wife was upset, scheduled several private evenings for the two of them.
“To increase our chances,” he said with a smile.

The evenings must have worked because before long, Hollie finally had some good news. An ultrasound at the hospital confirmed they were having a baby girl!
“We’re going to have to set up the nursery at last,” Ethan commented one evening as they stared at the scan on the wall.
“I’ve got a day off tomorrow,” Hollie replied. “What do you think?”
“We could go to the High Street in Magnolia Promenade. They’ve recently opened a baby shop there.” Ethan hugged Hollie.

It was going to be a long day. Ethan felt a bit dazed as they stepped into the shop to browse the furniture, decorations and toys. There seemed to be a lot to choose from and so many decisions to make. Suddenly, Ethan felt tired.
“Okay then, here we are,” Hollie announced. She stretched to ease the dull aching of her back and looked around. “Let’s get started!”

After what seemed like hours, Hollie and Ethan had jointly made their choices for the nursery furnishings. Ethan paid the bill and the assistant agreed on a delivery date for the furniture. Satisfied, they stepped outside the shop and breathed in the crisp, autumnal air.

“Are you happy with that lot, Hollie?” Ethan asked. They settled themselves on a bench outside the bookshop to wait for the tram that would take them back to Willow Creek.
“Absolutely. This baby’s so lucky,” Hollie said, sighing.
“So are we.” Ethan smiled. “I take it I’ll be assembling the furniture when it arrives?”
“Of course. I can’t lift any of it, can I?” Hollie grinned.

It didn’t seem long before Hollie woke Ethan one night to announce she’d gone into labour. Panicking slightly, the expectant couple headed off for the hospital.
The rain poured outside as Hollie checked in at the hospital. Her pains weren’t too bad so far; she was eager to cuddle her new baby and couldn’t wait to meet her daughter at last!

Ethan found it difficult to contain his panic as he waited for his daughter to arrive. Hollie remained remarkably calm during the entire process, much to the obvious amusement of the doctor.

Of course, it was all worth it. Baby Jenna Richmond was born at last and after a quiet day in hospital, was ready to go home with her parents, so they could begin this new chapter of their lives.

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