Bromance In The Making

Local Actors Daniel Clancy And Jack Goldsmith Seen Rehearsing At The Opera House. Speculation Mounts As To What They’re Working On!

Autumn, Year 2
With the arrival of the Royal Willow Opera House, Daniel had taken to rehearsing with his friend and colleague, Jack, on the stage when the place was quiet. He’d recently moved into San Myshuno and the ease with which he could get to Willow Creek for rehearsals was a very compelling reason for his move.
Rehearsals with Jack, however informal, were always fun the two were good friends. Jack had been talking recently about setting up an Actors Company with Daniel and making the opera house their base. Daniel was keen and both were considering approaching other colleagues to join.

The apartment he’d moved into wasn’t perfect and had a couple of unwelcome residents lurking in the woodwork. He understood a couple of women had lived in the apartment before him; how on earth they’d ever put up with mice was beyond him.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to stay home alone much. He’d landed himself an advert as a guitar-playing cowboy and where better to improve his guitar skills than at the UTA festival grounds? The stage was pretty quiet and he had the place to himself as he ran through a series of chords, tightened a few pegs and then he was off. It was amazing how much of a showman he could be when there was nobody else around to see him!

Jack invited him out for a drink the day before he was due on set.
“How are you holding up then?” Daniel asked as Jack ordered drinks. “You know, since you broke up with Rebecca.”
“I wasn’t even really sure what was happening with Rebecca. We got along fine, we hooked up, we hung out. It never seemed to be…committed, not even a little bit.” Jack shook his head as the bartender placed their drinks on the counter. “When I found out she was seeing other people too, I couldn’t believe it. I just really couldn’t.”
“Did you know she’s seeing some repo guy?” Daniel took a sip of his drink. “David somebody or other.”
Jack looked incredulous. “No, I didn’t know that. How do you know?”
“Heard it somewhere.” Daniel shrugged. “So, what about this other girl. Is she nice?”
Hayley?” Jack shrugged too. “Again, no idea. I asked her if she wanted to actually be my girlfriend and she freaked out. She avoided me for a while and then I met up with her at the UTA festival and we decided we’ll keep it casual.”
“What’s with you suddenly being so interested in commitment? You’ve spent the last twenty years chasing anything with a skirt. Commitment was the last thing you said you wanted. You’re thirty-eight, Jack. What do you want?” Daniel shook his head. “Honestly mate, you’ve got to sort yourself out.”
Jack nodded mournfully and hastily changed the subject.

The sun was shining brightly in Del Sol Valley as Daniel’s plane touched down at the tiny airport. He arrived at the set for the advert he was filming. All around him were other actors in costume, where several other pieces of cinematic art were being filmed at the same time. A street mock-up had materialised outside the set and he was fascinated as the camera crews got to work.

“What the hell is this?” Daniel asked as he stared in disbelief at his reflection. “A pink mohawk?”
“I’m so sorry, Mr Clancy,” the hairstylist whimpered. “I’ll fix it, really I will!”
Not a good omen for him for his working day.

Thankfully, the filming went very well and the director was delighted with Daniel’s polished guitar prowess. The scenes went without a hitch and Daniel felt quite smug as he gathered his belongings and set off for the airport.

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