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Downtime For Musician And Body Builder, Justina Berry. Does She Exercise At Home Like She Does At Work?

Summer, Year 2
Feeling her limbs stretch, Justina strained for the final pose of her routine before relaxing her muscles. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to some time off. She was going to the Romance Festival with Hayley the following day and she was dreading it a bit. Ever since they’d all left University, Justina had been plagued with questions about her relationship status and her answers always seemed to disappoint somebody.
Sighing, she eased herself off the mat and went to take a bath. By this time tomorrow, she’d be happily back in her cosy flat in the Spice District, away from all questions about her romantic life.

As it turned out, the festival wasn’t that bad after all. Justina even exchanged numbers with Zackery Dennis, the producer who was rumoured to be working with Hayley on her debut album. Later, Justina had the distinct feeling her friend had deliberately arranged for Zack to be there so they could meet but she didn’t mind too much. It niggled but she could let it go; after all, Hayley’s motives were sweet.

With more free time on her hands, she set off the following day for Creek Street. She’d barely been bowling since the alley had arrived and the few times she had had been embarrassing. She felt it was high time she got some solo practice in before challenging any more of her friends to competitions!

Her downtime wouldn’t exactly have been well spent if she hadn’t done something athletic in that time. Football was still her passion, even though she’d long since finished playing for her University team. Kicking a ball around in the public square close to her flat was the perfect substitute.

Keeping up with her fitness regime was important too and the cloudy weather was ideal for keeping cool during the hot summer days. It was also keeping her mind off the fact that she’d heard nothing from Zack since they’d exchanged numbers at the Romance festival several days earlier. She sighed heavily as she turned back towards the flat. Another romantic potential with a door slammed shut.

Things picked up again when Kaiden rang and invited her out to practice at the UTA Festival Ground in Del Sol Valley.
“You’re getting really good,” Kaiden commented as Justina finished a crashing crescendo.
“Thanks.” Wiping sweat off her brow, she grinned. “I’ve been wanting to get out here for a while but couldn’t summon up the motivation.”
Kaiden laughed. “The temperature’s through the roof, isn’t it? Still, at least it’s pretty quiet.”

Once it got too hot in the Valley to really be able to concentrate, Kaiden suggested they head over to the Royal Willow Opera House to test the acoustics. “After all,” he said as they arrived outside. “This is where most of our concerts will be held from now onward.”
Justina felt a little underdressed as they stepped into the hall. Everything was opulent and graceful, screaming of money and posh accents. her bikini and skirt combination felt incredibly gaudy in comparison to the rich curtains on the stage.
Once she settled behind the grand piano and left the tunes fly from her fingertips, she forgot to be self-conscious and lost herself in the rich sounds of their duet.

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