The Sky’s The Limit

After A Successful Concert, The Sky Is The Limit For Local Pop Singer, Hayley Bolton. Is There An Album In The Works?

Summer, Year 2
Hayley was getting excited because the second ‘Up The Amp’ Music Festival was fast approaching and she’d been asked to headline it this year. She’s been rehearsing at the festival ground every spare moment she had, in between writing new material for her debut album. Her career was starting to knit together nicely.
If only the same could be said for her love life. Jack’s interest in a committed relationship had thrown her off balance. She’d never expected him to be keen on anything serious but moreover, she couldn’t understand why she’d turned him down.

Attempting to put her thoughts aside, she focused on her set and tried to ignore the hustle and bustle of the Sims around her as preparations began for the festival. The Simoleon Philharmonic Society were also performing and were getting their instruments set up. Jack turned up to watch her sing and it was incredibly distracting. She decided she’d make a firm decision about their relationship when things settled down more.

“You’re doing well,” Kaiden commented as Hayley finished her set in rehearsals. “That last one particularly was brilliant.”
Hayley blushed. “Thanks. It’s new. I wrote it for the album and I was just sort of testing the water.”
“Hey, Hayley!” Jack voice cut through the crowd. He stepped to the front as the crowd began to disperse.
“I think I’ll leave you to it.” Kaiden winked and left to find Justina.
Jack stood in front of Hayley. “You’re avoiding me.”
“I’m sorry.” Hayley looked up at him. “I shouldn’t, I know. I just…What happened the other week? I mean, that was so out of the blue.”
“It made no sense to me either, Hayley.” Jack took a deep breath. “I’m a commitment-phobe, Hayley. I don’t normally do things like this.” He sighed. “Can we just forget I said anything and carry on as we were? Because I was really happy the other week and I think…I think we make a good pair.”
Hayley smiled. “I’d like that. I have to go, I’m on quite early tonight.”
Nodding, Jack smiled. “I’ll see you then.”

Her set went over extremely well with the audience and Hayley was an instant hit at the festival. At lot of people were singing along to the familiar covers and her original songs were very popular.

Jack approached her after her set. “You were amazing! You’re such a natural up there!”
“Thanks, Jack.” Hayley held out her phone. “Come on, let’s capture this one.”

The two-day festival was a hit again with the locals. Even the Philharmonic Society was popular, which Hayley never would have expected for a second year running. By the end of the second night, she’d fielded a lot of questions about her debut album and decided that the next day, she’d hit the studio.

So she did just that. The following morning, she awoke late and made straight for the studio. Work was coming along nicely on her album and she was hoping to release it by Christmas.

In between working on her album, she was giving small concerts in Del Sol Valley. At her latest, and biggest, she was interviewed by the press and gave some insights into the development of her album. So far, her career was really looking up!

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