Gameplay Notes #1 ~ Gerald, Rebecca, Hayley & Jack

Some insights into the Gerald, Rebecca, Hayley and Jack love square.

Gerald and Rebecca’s on-again, off-again relationship had very little to do with me at all. Gerald actually was generated by the game as a roommate for Rebecca and her household and he was one of those roommates who flirted with everyone. Most of the group reacted negatively to his constant flirtatious movements but Rebecca was the first who didn’t. So I nudged them along a little because I wanted to see where that would go.

As it turned out, it provided some amusement. Once Gerald and Rebecca got a romance bar, Rebecca suddenly autonomously asked him to be her boyfriend and he accepted. I hadn’t actually planned that but who cares what I think? Anyway, Rebecca got suspended for a while and when she returned, she had a whim to break up with Gerald. I went along with it and they developed a relationship status that said “These two sims drive each other crazy, yet they drive each other “crazy”.” and they continued to flirty with each other all the time. Rebecca then suddenly asked him to be her boyfriend again and he accepted.

One day later, Gerald autonomously broke up with Rebecca. End of relationship again.

Fast forward to my latest two stories. Rebecca by this point has amassed about 10 fellas (Serial Romantic), including Jack and Gerald (Gerald is also at this point dating Ellie, Rebecca’s twin but we’ll ignore that for now!). After Jack moved into Andrea’s old apartment, Gerald really did invite Jack out to Creek Street and Rebecca happened to be there too. Her flirting with Gerald was purely autonomous, since Jack was active at the time. I nudged Jack to ‘ask to be just friends’ with Rebecca, so that effectively ended their relationship. Gerald and Rebecca do still flirt from time to time, though.

Now the Jack-and-Hayley relationship ended up as Plan ‘C’ and even then, not quite what I’d envisioned. I’d had plans for Kaiden Townsend and Justina Berry to partner up, since they’ve founded the Simoleon Philharmonic Society together but Kaiden showed more interest in Hayley. So Plan B was to set Hayley and Kaiden up – except Hayley seemed more into Jack. Now, given that Hayley is a singer and Jack is an actor, I thought this might play out nicely. I had planned for them to officially partner up but for Jack’s commitment issues to flair up. However, Hayley actually turned him down when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Who’s got commitment issues now, then? So that’s how they’ve ended up the way they are.

Some people say The Sims 4 doesn’t surprise them and is boring. Well this turnout certainly surprised me!

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