Dancing With Deception

Can Actor Jack Goldsmith Find Real Love? Or Is He Simply Dancing With Lies And Deception?

Summer, Year 2
Jack had just settled into his new apartment in the Spice District when there was a knock on his door. His neighbours wanted to introduce themselves and he was glad to have some friends in the building. Gerald had brought fruitcake to share and the guys settled down to watch a movie on the television while the two women sat at his breakfast bar, chatting. All in all, it was a lovely visit and Jack decided he had some pretty lovely new neighbours.

Jack was invited out to Creek Street by his neighbours and was initially pleasantly surprised to find Rebecca there. The two had been seeing one another casually for a while and he was pleased to see her.

To his horror, he watched her flirt with Gerald for a while before breaking into the conversation. “Becca? What’s going on?”
“Jack? What are you doing here?” Rebecca paled.
“Wait, what’s going on here?” Gerald looked confused. He turned to Jack. “Are you seeing her?”
“We’ve been seeing each other for a few months, yeah.” Jack replied. “I didn’t know you were dating her though.”
“I’m not.” Gerald frowned. “Rebecca and I dated in University but we kept things fairly casual after that.”
Jack shook his head. “I can’t do this, Rebecca.”

“Can’t do what? Jack, what are you talking about?” Rebecca asked, angrily.
“Rebecca, if you’re seeing other people then I’m out. We didn’t agree to this, or anything for that matter. Funnily enough, it’s a discussion you never wanted to have.”
“Rebecca, you can’t just pick me up and drop me when it suits. I’m out of here too,” Gerald added. The two guys stood up and walked out of the bowling alley, to Rebecca’s horror.

The following morning, Jack woke up feeling pretty lousy. Rebecca’s deceit had hit him quite hard. He wondered how long he’d been just ‘another guy’ in her life. It wasn’t a comfortable thought.

He had a job later that afternoon so a little practicing was in order to take his mind off his romantic troubles. He contemplated contacting Hayley, since he hadn’t heard much from her lately. He’d enjoyed meeting her a couple of months ago but hadn’t pursued anything, since he’d felt loyal to Rebecca, misplaced though that had turned out to be.

The job wasn’t really difficult and he was glad. He didn’t feel up to anything big and dressing up as a pirate selling washing powder was about all he felt capable of and it meant he didn’t have to act up against Rebecca.

A few days later, he caved and invited Hayley over. They’d been texting back a forth a bit and he decided to give it a try and see where it went. They watched a movie in his apartment and messed around a bit before migrating to his bedroom.

“This has been a lot of fun, Jack,” Hayley said and they lay on the bedroom floor.
“It has.” Jack agreed.

“Hayley, what did you think about, I don’t know, being a little more…exclusive? I mean, we’ve been getting along well and I thought…” Jack tailed off when he saw the stricken look on her face.
“Erm, I don’t know.” Hayley bit her lip. “I like you a lot Jack but I don’t really know what I want yet. Can we maybe just…keep things casual and light?”
“Casual and light. Yep, I can do that.” Jack wasn’t sure but then the commitment-phobe within him was secretly relieved and couldn’t understand why he’d even asked her. What was wrong with him?

There was a mysterious noise in the bedroom that night…and it wasn’t Hayley.

With an aching back, Jack poured himself some coffee as he started another day. He felt generally uncomfortable and his neck stung after his unwelcome visitor in the night. He couldn’t help but wonder if these events were connected somewhere; and what it meant if they were. Was he kidding himself, thinking he could get a decent relationship to work?

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