Classically Cool

The New Philharmonic Society Gets Some Practice In; It’s Classically Cool For Some.

Spring, Year 2
When Kaiden set up the Simoleon Philharmonic Society, he was optimistic about its future. The fact that he had almost no money at all was not something he had considered until he realised the Festival Grounds weren’t ideal. He and his close friend, Justina, made the best of the situation and practiced regularly at the grounds.

After a late night session, Kaiden strolled through the streets of Mirage Park. He was proud of how far he’d come so far. Professionally, he was finally being taken seriously as a classical musician, something he hadn’t expected to accomplish so soon. He was also releasing music for the violin and it was slowly gaining popularity among classical sets. Finally, the Simoleons were up and running and while the Society only had himself and Justina as members, he knew that would improve with time.

To celebrate, Kaiden took Rebecca out to dinner. They’d known each other at University and they’d always got along fairly well, in spite of having little in common. They’d developed a small, casual romance over the past few weeks and Kaiden was interested in seeing if they could develop that some more.

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight,” Kaiden commented as he finished his meal.
Rebecca smiled. “Me too. It’s a lovely night.”
“Fancy a picture?” Kaiden brandished his phone. “The city skyline looks gorgeous tonight.”

Kaiden suddenly made a grab for her. Rebecca dodged and slapped him instinctively. “What the hell?” she cried.
Kaiden blinked. “I was going to kiss you!”
“You were going to pinch me.” Rebecca was furious. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Hang on a second.” Kaiden shook his head. “Becca, you kissed me a few weeks ago. We’ve been out a few times since then and it’s always been fun and lighthearted. Now you don’t want me touching you?”
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m not interested in a relationship with you, Kaiden.” Rebecca shrugged. “You were fun for a while but I can’t be done with anything long lasting right now.” With that, she turned and stalked out of the restaurant, leaving Kaiden wondering what had just happened.

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