Will Bloodlust Get The Better Of Local Vampire, Will Major?

Spring, Year 2
“Thank you for coming,” Will shook hands with the vampire standing before him.
“I don’t understand why you asked me,” came the icy reply.
Will wasn’t sure why either. He felt no friendship with Donald Burnett; quite the reverse. The two had been enemies since they’d first met at Foxbury, where Will had been a student and Donald had been a visiting vampire, determined to feed on one of the students. Will had fought with him on numerous occasions during that time period and almost always lost.
However, things were different now. Will was a vampire himself now and had been growing in power and influence for two years. it was high time for a rematch.
“I’m interested in your methods of vampirism.” Will explained.
“My methods?” Donald raised an eyebrow. “Well haven’t we had a change of heart. Well you won’t like the answer, Mr Major.”
“Try me.” Will challenged him.
“Your humanity will get in the way.”
Will lunged for him.

Donald and Will were evenly matched. Will’s strength surprised Donald and caught him off guard. He hadn’t anticipated the newer vampire would be so strong and so…angry.

Donald dropped to his knees in fury. Will drifted back to the ground and stood before the older vampire.
“I want us to work together.”
Furious, Donald looked up at him. “Go to Hell.”
“I’m serious.” Will folded his arms. “There’s a new vampire in town. He seems to think he can be Mr Nice Guy. He’s started a new group of ‘polite’ vampires, who require permission before they’ll drink. I ask you!”
“You turned someone?” Donald growled.
“No, you idiot. Someone else did.”

Donald insisted they step outside for a moment.
“You’re kidding.” Will deadpanned. “It’s still daylight.”
“You arrived here in daylight, didn’t you?” Donald said calmly. “Walk with me. We shall talk.”
The vampires stepped outside and already, Will’s skin started to blister. “You idiot.” He hissed. “People are noticing us!”
“That’s Cassandra Goth. Her family have been aware of the vampires for many years. They’ve tried to persuade us to turn them for many years.” Donald turned to Will. “I will agree to work with you. However, I won’t promise to like you or what you stand for.”

Having secured Donald’s agreement, Will went back into the lounge. Deep Purple had proven to be an excellent hangout for the local vampires. As he stepped over the threshold, he saw someone dart towards him.
“Will, I have to talk to you!”
“Ahh, Victor Kendrick. You’ve turned then,” Will replied. “Good timing.”
“Will, I don’t know what the hell you were thinking,” Victor growled. “I didn’t ask for this!”
“Victor, calm down. I will teach you everything I know. I want you to work with us.”
Victor glanced behind Will. “Who’s us? I don’t see anybody with you.”
Glancing over his shoulder, Will realised Donald had gone. “Oh, he must have left. Ever heard of Donald Burnett?”
“Yeah, he’s a regular in here. Before you turned me, I used to see him a lot.” Victor shrugged. “Why?”
“Because between us, we’re going to change the world.” Will gestured towards the stairs. “Come with me, I’ll start your training. I need you to lose your humanity.”

Victor still wasn’t sure but Will was adamant and they plunged right into the training.
“There,” Will said breathlessly. “That’ll do for now.” He heard footsteps in the stairwell outside. “You’d better go. It sounds like we’ve got company.”

“What are you doing?” Lillith Vatore came striding into the room and watched as Victor fled. “Will? Did you turn him?”
“Yes.” Will stood defiantly opposite his girlfriend. “Is that a problem?”
Lillith stepped closer and hissed. “YES! Yes, it’s a problem. Have you learnt nothing? You told me the only reason you wanted me to turn you was so we could be together!”
Will suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Don’t. Get. In. The. Way.”
Lillith struggled. “Will, don’t make me your enemy. Especially as you have a visitor.”
Straightening up, Will let her go and smiled. “A visitor. Excellent.”
“Will.” Lillith placed a hand on his shoulder. “Listen to me. I know what you’re up to. Don’t let your bloodlust get the better of you.”
Insulted, he frowned. “I know what I’m doing, Lillith. Don’t worry.”

Simon London, isn’t it?” Will strode into the main bar and stretched out his hand. “I’ve been hearing a lot about you.”
“Likewise.” Simon shook his hand. “You’d be the bastard draining the life from this community, wouldn’t you?”
Will tutted. “Those are harsh words. I look forward to ramming them down your throat.” He stepped closer. “Shall we step outside?”

“I wouldn’t cross me again, if I were you,” Will said angrily as he dropped Simon to the ground. “I will be back and next time, it’ll be the last time.”

The following night, Will was invited to a party at the ruins in Windenburg by Jared De Luca, one of his former friends from Foxbury. In spite of the two living in the same apartment building in the city, Jared and Will hardly saw one another yet the former had still invited him to the party.
“Will Major?” A surprised voice said. “I haven’t seen you for a while!”
Cristina Lombardo appeared behind the vampire and smiled.
“Cristina! What a lovely surprise.” Will held out his hand. The two weren’t great friends but they’d met several times before Cristina had switched to UBrite and Will had been expelled. “I didn’t know you lived around here?”
“I don’t. I live in the Fashion District of the city, actually. Andrea invited me.” She grinned. “I thought you were in the city too?”
“I am. I don’t get out to the country much these days.” Will looked around the ruins. “They’re really quite incredible.”
“Well, I’ve been here a few times. Shall I show you around?”
Will agreed and let Cristina lead him to a secluded area beneath the main ruins. Suddenly, he flew at her and compelled her to stay still.
“You’re a fool,” he hissed before sinking his fangs into her.

Later, he went back to the city and hovered in the centre of the Spice District. A peculiar feeling came over him and he clamped his hands to his mouth. The unquenching thirst was back and his control was slowly slipping. Was the bloodlust beginning to get the better of him?

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