That’s A Wrap!

Popular Actress, Rebecca Livingston, Stars in Sci-Fi Flick; Loses Nerve During Filming. Is This The End For Her?

Some pictures are slightly NSFW.
Spring, Year 2
Having succeeded at Foxbury with a degree in Drama, Rebecca slid into the acting world with remarkable ease, for someone who’d barely acted before in her life. Starring in popular series and movies, like Growing Up Crumplebottom and Tournaments of Honour, she was gaining fame both on and off the big screen.

However, it was her sister Ellie who grabbed attention at the gym on Easter Saturday. She was secretly meeting up with Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, Gerald. Ellie and Gerald had started seeing each other a little before Christmas but hadn’t said anything yet to Rebecca. So instead, they were meeting in secret when Rebecca wasn’t around to notice. Meetups in the gym had been perfect so far.

Determined not to feel so much like Rebecca’s hanger on, Ellie decided a change of image was in order. Gerald had commented that he’d thought short hair might suit Ellie better, so she thought she’d give it a try. She surprised herself with being pleased with the results; she felt much more mature.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was flirting up a storm outside their building. She seemed hell-bent on chatting up any man within the city limits and had no shame in doing so, either.
Until her boyfriend, David Torrez, turned up. Needless to say, he was not at all pleased to see Rebecca chatting up another man.

“Well, well, well. Don’t you look…steady,” Rebecca purred. She felt mildly insulted when the human statue ignored her completely. Admittedly he was only doing his job but still; he could at least have smiled at her efforts. They must have brightened his day.
Sulking, she flounced off back to the apartment she shared with Ellie. She wanted to get a little workout in before bed, anyway.

Unfortunately, she almost put her back out while doing a dance workout video. Cursing like a sailor, she hobbled off to bed. She was filming all the following day and really didn’t want her back feeling that bad when she got up in front of the cameras. Especially as she was filming with Jack Goldsmith and Daniel Clancy. They weren’t anywhere near as famous as her but she did enjoy working with two handsome actors.

Thankfully, her back didn’t seem too bad and Rebecca made it to the studios in one piece. She was filming a Sci-Fi flick as the main heroine and she needed her wits about her. Of course, this was probably the biggest job of her career and she was very excited to show off.

Her costume looked fantastic and she was almost unrecognisable after the artists had done their job. She proudly strutted back into the studio to find her costars. She and Jack had a bit of a thing going after they’d starred together in Tournaments of Honour and she was looking forward to working opposite him again. Daniel was a bit on an unknown – they’d not worked together before but she knew he was quite well thought of in the industry.

As always, she was in control of her scenes with Jack. The morning’s filming went really well and she was feeling very confident by the time her scenes with Daniel were ready to start.

Unfortunately, it seemed her confidence was misplaced. In every scene she had with Daniel, she messed it up. She tripped over, dropped things and accidently shot herself in the butt with the SimRay. The director was furious by the time he called for the end of filming. Rebecca’s did terribly and was furious as she stalked out of the studios, Daniel’s laughter ringing in her ears.

“It was awful,” Rebecca moaned as she recounted her day to Ellie when she got home. “Every scene with Daniel Clancy was a disaster!”
“Only those scenes? The ones with Jack were okay then?” Ellie raised her eyebrows. “You don’t have a thing going with Daniel too, do you?”
“No!” Rebecca scowled.
“It’s just…well, it sounds like maybe you’re in love with him or something. You’re never normally that clumsy, Becca.” Ellie shrugged.
“I’m not in love with him. Don’t be stupid!” Rebecca’s eyes flashed. “You’re being an idiot.”
“Are you sure?” Ellie smiled. “Maybe you haven’t realised it yet?”
“Get out!” Rebecca shrieked.

Ellie decided it was high time she did just that. The apartment had been getting pretty cramped and she was fed up with all Rebecca’s romantic comings and goings. She packed her things and moved to Willow Creek. It would be better for her work, anyway.

Determined to prove to her sister that she didn’t fancy Daniel, Rebecca invited Jack over to her new apartment. She had the money and wanted somewhere flash to show off, now she was earning a lot more money and didn’t have Ellie dragging her down.
Getting acquainted with Jack in her bathroom was a million miles away from the movie set.

She had another job for a police drama she was starring in shortly after the Sci-fi disaster. Thankfully, she wasn’t working with Daniel on this one.
“Hey, it’s Rebecca isn’t it?” A voice said behind her as she entered the studio. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Daniel Clancy approaching. He was in period costume and her first thought was relief that he hadn’t suddenly been put onto her project. “Did you fancy rehearsing a bit before you go on?”
“We’re on different movies,” Rebecca said, confused.
“I know. It’s only reading through, testing each other’s acting. That sort of thing.”

Filming went well and Rebecca was working on the final scene with Jack when she noticed Daniel over the back, near the cafeteria. Suddenly, she couldn’t focus as easily on her lines. Could it be that Ellie was right after all?

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