A Singing Sensation

Local Singer, Hayley Bolton, Seen Recording New Material – Could An Album Be In The Offing?

Spring, Year 2
After graduating from UBrite, Hayley was determined to make it as a pop singer. She’s loved music from an early age and had always wanted to do something related to music, even if she’d been persuaded by her family to undertake a degree in Language and Literature. She suspected her father had been keen for her to become a reporter.
So, in an act of defiance, Hayley started singing regularly at the UTA Festival Grounds.

She also started recording songs in the new studios in the San Myshuno Arts Centre. If she could just get a couple of songs out into the world, she might be able to get up the courage, and the money, to produce her debut album!

While working out at the gym, she ran into Kaiden Townsend, one of the local musicians from the Philharmonic Society. Feeling like a fangirl, she got incredibly excited for his autograph. Evidently, her excitement wasn’t shared by everyone because other members of the leisure centre thought she was crazy. However she always admired musicians who gave it their all, whatever the genre and the classical tones of Kaiden’s compositions was very soothing to the ears.

Andrea, in concern because she hadn’t seen much of Hayley lately, invited her out to the Romance festival as it rolled into town again. Not expecting much, she began to sing in the middle of the festival. Very quickly, she gathered a crowd of admirers and fans.
“That was impressive,” a voice said as she came to the end of her impromptu performance. “You’re good.”
Hayley blushed. “Oh, thank you. And you are?”
“Jack. Jack Goldsmith.” He extended his hand.
“I’m Hayley Bolton.” She shook his hand and they sat down. “Have we met before? You look familiar.”
Jack shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’m an actor, so perhaps you saw me on the television? I was in Tournaments of Honor recently.”
“Oh hang on, I did see that! I knew one of the actresses, Rebecca Livingston. I was at University with her for a while before I switched schools. Of course, I can see it’s you now.” Hayley flushed with excitement. “It’s lovely to meet you.”
“Likewise.” Jack beamed. “I’m afraid I must be off. You’ve got a wonderful voice though, Hayley. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

She was still glowing from the compliments later that evening when she headed into the studio to work on her next single. When she checked Simstagram, she was delighted to see Jack had followed her, about 20 minutes ago!

Work went swiftly the following day. Hayley was looking forward to the performance she was giving that night at the UTA Festival grounds. She was hoping that the responses she’d get would shape the album she was keen to start working on.

The performance did go very well indeed. Hayley gave it her all and some of the audience enjoyed it so much, they joined her on the stage. It gave her the green light to get started on that album!

After the show, Hayley kicked back and sang some karaoke with some of the fans. One guy approached her and held out his hand. “Zackery Dennis. I thought you gave a killer performance today.”
Grinning, she shook his hand. “Thanks. It’s the first live show I’ve done, really. Sort of a spur of the moment, nothing major.”
“Are you putting an album together?” he asked.
Hayley nodded. “Definitely after today. The response was incredible.”
“I could help.” Zackery handed her his card. “I could help you produce it.”
“Really? That would be incredible!” Hayley nodded. “I’ll definitely get in touch.”
“Wonderful!” Beaming, Zackery took a microphone. “May I have this song with you, Miss Bolton?”

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