Valentine Romance

This February, It’s A Valentine Romance For San Myshuno Residents, Computer Engineer, Jared De Luca And Conservationist, Andrea Houston.

Winter, Year 2
Jared and Andrea first met at Foxbury Institute during Freshers Week. They hit it off very early on and were best friends throughout their time at the University. Andrea had a short fling with Ethan and as a result, nothing happened between Jared and Andrea until after they graduated.
Since they live across the hall from each other in Culpepper House, they continued to hang out together and finally decided to give a relationship a try.

Jared had been planning Valentine’s Day since Christmas and he was very much looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend. He had a lovely romantic day planned and had even taken the day off work to celebrate with her.

“This is nice,” Andrea commented as the lights dimmed and the opening music started. “What made you pick Simder? I didn’t know you were into romcoms?”
Jared gave a nervous cough. “I’m not. Well, I think I’m not. I know you like them though.” Stretching, he reached his arm over the back of the seats. “This received good reviews.”

“You softie,” Andrea murmured softly. “It’s perfect.” She leaned in to kiss him when they heard a sound behind them.
“Oh, please,” a voice muttered from the row behind them.

“I’m really sorry about that guy at the cinema,” Jared said as they waited for their order to arrive. After the movie had ended, he’d insisted on taking her out to dinner that night to complete their day. “I just don’t understand what his problem was.”
Andrea laughed. “I wouldn’t worry about it. What I didn’t understand was why he chose to watch a romantic comedy if romance isn’t his thing. Maybe he was envious?”
“Mm.” Jared smiled. “I can understand if he was envious. You do look so beautiful tonight.”

They did have a wonderful dinner at Eden. They’d been there on numerous dates and it’d been a favourite for them since University. Andrea had been hoping that Jared might ask her to move in with him; after all, they’d known each other for over three years. Surely it was time?

As they left the restaurant, Andrea did wonder where this was heading. Was Jared interested in something long term? He must be a little bit interested, since he’d gone out of his way to plan a lovely day. Yet he still hadn’t mentioned them living together. Admittedly, he’d given her the spare key to his apartment but that had been before they started dating; that didn’t count.
She couldn’t deny that she was having fun while they were together though. Who knew where it would lead?

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