The Dark Night

The Dark Night Has Arisen For Local Doctor, Simon London As He Transitions Into A Creature Of The Night

Winter, Year 2
There’d been several bad days since Simon started working at the hospital. One misdiagnosis after another and by the end of the week, he felt incredibly stressed. With a couple of days off, he settled down to read an old book he’d bought on a whim just after graduation. He remembered a party at a nightclub he’d been to with his dormmates and there’d been this young vampire there, showing off. After that, Simon had become slightly obsessed with the supernatural.

The winter sun shone brightly through the windows of his apartment as Simon settled down on the sofa to delve into the dusty tome. It was New Year’s Eve but with the week he’d had, he didn’t really feel up to celebrating. Who knew what the new year was going to bring?
With every paragraph he read, Simon became more and more fascinated by the notion of vampires. There was a mention of an old mansion in Forgotten Hollow, not all that far from the city. Hidden in the mountains near Granite Falls, it was quite literally never remembered. There was only one thing for it…time to take a look.

The mansion had been turned into a lounge, Deep Purple. With a distinctly spooky atmosphere, Simon stepped over the threshold and sat down at the bar. If anybody was going to know anything about the residents of this tiny hamlet, it would be the bartender.
“Vampires? More than my life’s worth, love.” The bartender explained, nervously.
“But there are vampires in Forgotten Hollow then?” Simon persisted. “What about that old house on the hill? There must be some history there?”
The bartender sighed. “Well, you might learn something if you try up there. I’m saying nothing more than that,” she replied, firmly.
Satisfied, Simon left the lounge.

The path was shrouded in mist as Simon walked up the hill towards the large house. It was incredibly quiet in the hamlet, with nothing but the sounds of the crows to keep him company as he stepped closer to the crest of the hill.
“Looks empty,” he murmured to himself as he gingerly stepped up to the front door and knocked three times. Sure enough, there was no answer from within. The crows in the neighbouring graveyard stared at him as a knocked one final time. When there was no reply, he turned and left, deflated.

“Is everything all right?” A voice called from the porch of one of the houses as Simon walked past, preparing to head back home.
“Oh, yeah. I was just looking for…someone.” Simon called back.
“Vlad? He’s not at home right now. Try later tonight, he’ll probably be back. Or you could come back early tomorrow morning – he’s usually back by then.” A figure emerged and stretched a hand out. “I’m Caleb Vatore. My sister and I are Vlad’s nearest neighbours.”
“Oh, hi there. I’m Simon.” Simon shook Caleb’s hand. “Thanks for the tip, maybe I’ll come back later.”
“Here.” Caleb handed him a piece of paper. “If you can’t get a hold of Vlad, maybe I can help. Here’s my number.” Nodding, he turned and in a flash was gone, back into the house, leaving Simon wondering whether he’d dreamt the encounter.

A couple of days passed and Simon had no luck getting a hold of Vlad. So he fished the paper out of his jacket pocket and called Caleb to invite him over.

“Hey, Caleb,” Simon greeted him as he opened the door to his apartment. “Come on in.” The two men walked through to the lounge. Something was niggling Simon, ever the doctor. “Are you okay?”
Caleb looked round. “Yes, fine. Why do you ask?”
“You look so pale. I wondered if you were coming down with something?”

Caleb pushed his hand away. “I’m fine, I’m fine. A bit…tired, that’s all.” Laughing nervously, he took a step towards Simon. “You’re a doctor, aren’t you?”
Surprised, Simon nodded. “How did you know?”
“You worrying that I had a temperature.” Caleb laughed again. “Honestly, I’m fine.” He stepped closer and stared into Simon’s eyes. “Trust me.” He stepped back again and Simon blinked a few times. “Now, what were you looking for Vlad for? What do you want from him? More precisely, what is it that you obviously think I can help you with?”
Simon took a deep breath. “I want you to turn me.”

Caleb’s eyes widened. “You want me to turn you?”
“Yes.” Simon nodded. “Look, I’ve done my research. I know what it means and I understand what will happen. All I need is a vampire to turn me.”
Caleb shook his head slightly. “To really want this, you must be mad,” he said. “Come here.”
He bit deeply into Simon’s neck for a few moments, before pulling back. He raised his arm to his mouth and bit his own wrist before holding it out in front of Simon. “You need to drink my blood to finish the process.”
Nodding, Simon lowered his mouth to Caleb’s wrist and began to drink.

“It’s done.” Caleb tugged his wrist away from Simon. “You’ll feel your hunger being replaced with thirst over the next few days. Your humanity will slip away and soon you’ll be fully turned. Take it easy, it’s not a pleasant process,” he warned. “You’ll feel really peculiar for a while.
Shortly after Caleb left that night, Simon started feeling very odd. A few days break from the world was exactly what he needed.

A few days break was what he got. By the end of the following week, Simon had become a vampire.

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