A Windenburg Tale

It’s A Windenburg Tale For Local Artist, Javon Edge, And Popular Journalist, Isabella Hays

Some pictures are slightly NSFW.
Winter, Year 1
When Isabella first met Javon during Fresher’s Week at UBrite, she was instantly taken with him. Good looks, a sexy laugh and a barrow full of charm, he seemed untouchable. Particularly when she noticed how one of their dormmates, Justina, smiled at him.
So when he asked Isabella on a date to Eden, the eco-friendly restaurant in San Myshuno, she was stunned. She’d assumed he was dating Justine but he assured her that while they’d had a mild flirtation, there’d never been anything more to it. They dated for a couple of years while they studied at University, before Javon popped the question on one of Isabella’s favourite bridges. Excited, the rest of the year seemed a blur until it came to the first winter after graduation…

Hoping to establish himself as a local artist of some talent, Javon held a tiny exhibition at the Rising Sun Art Gallery in Del Sol Valley. With two masterpieces to his name, he was eager to garner the public’s attention. He certainly did that and the two paintings sold within a few minutes of each other, generating a hefty sum.

To celebrate his first major sale, Javon treated Isabella to dinner and dancing at Eden.
“So, Mr Artist. What’s the plan now?” Isabella asked, as he whirled her around to the sound of the violin concerto.
“I’m hoping a series of winter landscapes. Windenburg has a gorgeous landscape and I was thinking of a set of landscapes from the countryside, old town and the modern harbour. What do you think?”
Isabella considered that for a moment. If Javon could make it as a talented local artist, who knew where that might go? He definitely had the talent – his mentors at the Art Society in Britechester could vouch for that. Landscapes were also his speciality so there was no reason that couldn’t work. She nodded. “I think they’d be popular, especially in Windenburg itself. People would love some local winter landscapes.”

That settled it. The next day, after Isabella had gone into the city for work, Javon set up his easel in Windenburg and started on his series. He worked hard for days, snapping pictures with his eyes as he feasted his gaze on the snow covered countryside, the Tudor buildings and the modern art in the harbour. Everywhere he looked was a feast for the senses. Wrapping up warm, he ventured out into the plunging temperatures to capture the beauty of Windenburg in Winter.

The work paid off. His exhibition was incredible and he sold every painting within a few hours. The money was nothing to be sniffed at and Javon couldn’t wait to show Isabella the profits from his efforts. Christmas was going to be everything they’d wanted it to be and he was relieved; ever since they’d bought the large cottage in the country in Windenburg, he’d wondered how they were going to afford everything. It seemed like his paintings, topped up by Isabella’s budding journalism career, would more than cover their living expenses.

“Javon, I’m so proud of you.” Isabella whispered on evening over Christmas. They’d eaten dinner, the present shad been opened and there’d been an incredibly soppy romcom on the television. “You’ve worked so hard on all this.”
Javon shrugged. “It was worth it. I’ve been passionate about art for so many years, Isabella. To think I’m finally getting a chance to do what I love for a living…how many other people can really say that?” His eyes sparkled as he held a branch of mistletoe above their heads. “Do I get a reward for the hard work I put into the exhibition?”

He certainly did. Javon and Isabella had a lot to celebrate in their first Christmas together in the new house; two days after Christmas, they were getting married in Myshuno Meadows, the beautiful national park in the city. Isabella loved it there and it was a perfect venue for their upcoming nuptials.

It snowed thick and fast on the morning of the wedding. The young couple set off early to beat the worst of the weather and it worked; the blizzard that had been raging in the area eased off as the afternoon approached. Some of their friends from University arrived equally early and there was no reason not to kick the wedding off.
For your viewing pleasure, Javon and Isabella put together a wedding album for you to enjoy. You can find it on this page.

They didn’t go for an official honeymoon; instead they enjoyed a very passionate wedding night!

After the wedding, there were more happy events for the newlyweds. First and foremost, their dogs moved into the cottage with them. Isabella had always loved her two golden retrievers, Zena and Kayla and since Javon had no aversion to dogs, they moved in after the wedding. Javon found they were perfect reasons to go for a healthy run every morning! Isabella also found the exercise good in the early stages of her first pregnancy – the Edge’s were expecting a honeymoon baby!

Ronan Edge was born just before New Years Eve in Year 1, much to the delight of his excited parents. The new year was going to bring another host of new experiences for this happy Windenburg couple.

Javon and Isabella are budding photographers and enjoy taking photos of some of their best moments.

2 thoughts on “A Windenburg Tale

  1. Javon and Isabella are absolutely adorable!!! I can imagine how adorable x10 their kid are gonna be, Javon is living my dream career (sigh) and it’s nice to see that things are going well for them. The cluter of photos are a really nice touch, it makes their house feel more alive! :O


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